Cufflinks: Part #4

Georg Jensen #41 by Oscar Gundelach-Pedersen

The cufflinks I selected to wear today are Georg Jensen #41 designed by Oscar Gundelach-Pedersen. Again one of my favorite pairs. These are made from 830 silver rather than the modern 925. I like the color of the metal, to my eyes 830 looks duller, maybe due to the lower silver content.

This is an early pair, as the silver marks date them between 1915–27. The two halves of the cufflinks are joined by a chain. This design was used on the early Georg Jensen Cufflinks. Personally, I like the chain.



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Mercian Man

I write about life and the experiences that make us stronger. I enjoy Prefab Sprout, Blue Nile, Annie Proulx & Mervyn Peake.